IP (Intellectual Property) Assistance

Protection of intellectual property is a crucial preliminary step in technology transfer and commercialization. TAPI provides assistance in patent consultation and provides grants for the payment of Patent Agents and IPO’s fees.

IPRAP (Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Program) is one of the TAPI's program of assistance of TAPI that provides technical and funding assistance in securing appropriate intellectual property (IP) protection of completed R&D projects generated/funded by Filipino public and private researchers, innovators, technologists.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the website working and still processing applications for DOST-TAPI?
Yes, this system is being maintained by an IT staff. However, as part of our improvement, we will further modify the iSIPAG features to cater the revised Invention Disclosure Form.

What is iSIPAG?
The Inventors' System for Intellectual Property Applications and Grants (iSIPAG) is the online version of TAPI's very own SIPAG, an in-house, proprietary offline tool that is used to manage, monitor, and evaluate thousands of IPs granted or filed. iSIPAG enables online filing and monitoring to make it easier for clients to file requirements or inquire the statuses of applications.

Who runs the iSIPAG?
TAPI's competent specialists are working together in providing the best of these services.

Is iSIPAG Secure?
Yes, iSIPAG is guaranteed to be secure. It was created using PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor using Laravel framework. The Laravel is a standout amongst the most well-known being an advanced PHP framework for web applications. It provides AES-256 encryption to passwords via a 32-bit key generated as well as various mechanisms that protect the website such as avoiding SQL injection prevention, password protection/encryption, protection against CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) and authentication system.

Is there an alternative website or medium for submitting documents and requirements to DOST-TAPI programs?
> Currently, we have a submission portal in this https://techtrans.gov.ph/dost-tapi-inventor-program
> Another medium that you can use is through our TAPI official email info@tapi.dost.gov.ph.
How do I register?
Go to the Register page to create a new user account. Note that our terms of service require you to provide correct information and a valid email address.

What if I do not have an email address?
A valid and working email address is required to access the system. You may subscribe to any of the free email services such as Yahoo! or Gmail, and validate your email account prior to the use of iSIPAG. Please note that your email address will be your permanent account to access your files.

I did not receive email notification, what should I do?
Depending on your email provider and configuration settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam and delivered to your JUNK/SPAM folder. Please Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time.

What should I do if I forgot my password?
In case you forgot your password, you can reset it by sending a Reset password link to your email which will expire after 60 minutes.

Can I transfer my account to a different email address?
No, the email address on a user account cannot be changed in the application. If you want to change the email address on a registered account, you must send a request to the support desk to change your registered active email address, please send if in case you have request email to tapidost@yahoo.com, The specialists will get in touch with you at the re soonest time possible.

Can an iSIPAG account of another person submit the documents on the behalf of the inventor as its representative?
We do not encourage another person to submit the documents on behalf of the inventor as representative, unless he/she is also an inventor of the technology being applied for IPR assistance. Only institution has iSIPAG representative as focal person for the IPR assistance.
Private Accounts?
iSIPAG registration as a private inventor means the registrant is the main applicant or main owner of the invention with a new or ongoing request for IPR assistance. The registration requires a scanned copy of one (1) government-issued ID, which will be submitted using the pre-registered iSIPAG account.

Institution Accounts?
iSIPAG registration as an institution means the registrant is the designated focal person or representative of the institution to create an account in iSIPAG on their behalf. The representative will facilitate the monitoring of ongoing requests and the submission of the new request for IPR assistance by the institution. The registration requires a scanned copy of one (1) government-issued ID and a confirmation letter signed by the head institution where the registrant is affiliated, which will be submitted using the pre-registered iSIPAG account. The confirmation letter must contain information such as the complete name of the institution's representative, together with his or her contact number and email address that will be used in the registration.

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